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December Features

From $3.99 set

Prang® Watercolours
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Non-toxic. Washable. Semi-moist for long lasting colour. Brush included. Assorted Colours.

59073-00 …16016 Classic, 16/set: $5.89 set
53556-00 …80515 Glitter, 8/set: $3.99 set
53557-00 …80516 Metallic, 8/set: $3.99 set

 From $3.99 pkg.


Prang® Art Markers

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Conical tip. Classic Colours.


43100-00 …80128 8/pkg: $3.99 pkg.

43143-00 …80848 48/tub: $17.99 tub

$3.49 set

Prang® Hobby Brushes
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Soft, synthetic bristles for clean paint applications. Washes easily with soap and water. Includes three flat and two round brushes. 5/pkg.

02201-00 …94005
From $3.49 pkg.

Prang® Décor Markers
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Can be used on a variety of surfaces, from glass and wood to scrapbooks and clothing. Assorted Colours. 8/pkg.

43139-00 …74008 Glitter: $5.79 pkg.
43142-00 …74108 Erasable: $3.49 pkg.
$3.99 box

Prang® Coloured Pencils
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Great for the student artist. Real wood casing for easy sharpening every time. Pre-sharpened and ready to use. Assorted Colours. 24/pkg.

02005-00 …22240
$16.99 box

Dixon® Tratto Retractable Ball Point Pens
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Just twist the cap to retract the pen tip. No lost caps and no annoying button clicking. Visible ink supply. Twist mechanism. Medium point. 50/box.

55127-01 …820503 Black
55127-02 …820501 Blue
$4.19 pkg.

Dixon® Redimark Permanent Markers
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Break resistant metal barrel. AP certified, non-toxic. Marks on wet or oily surfaces. Stays permanent under extreme conditions. Chisel tip. Black, 2/pkg.

43174-00 …87202
$6.99 box

Ticonderoga® Erasable Coloured Pencils
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Non-fading, erasable colours. Sharpened for immediate use. 12/box. Carmine Red.

53000-03 …14259
From $6.99 box

Dixon® White Pearl® Vinyl Erasers
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Non-toxic, no latex. White.

Large, 12/box
19999-00 …39701C: $8.99 box
Medium, 24/box
19033-00 …39700C: $6.99 box
$2.49 box

Dixon® Enviro Stik™ Pencils
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Contains only approved timber from renewable forests. Lacquer-free finish. HB. 12/box.

53033-10 …96201
$4.29 set

Prang® Gallery™ Pastello® Chalk Pastels
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The chalk that bridges the gap between soft and hard pastels. It has the sharp edge of a hard pastel and the soft texture used for sketching and details. Assorted Colours. 12/pkg.

02032-00 …10441
$2.99 set

Prang® Washable Fine Line Markers
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Fine points for detail and accuracy. Ideal for lettering, drawing, outlining and detail work. Fine tip. Classic Colours. 12/pkg.

43141-00 …80714
From $3.99 set

Prang® OVL-8™ Watercolours
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No wax fillers. Pure pigments. Refillable. Brush is included. Assorted Colours.

59075-00 …00800 8/set: $3.99 set
59077-00 …16000 16/set: $5.99 set
$3.99 set

Prang® Duo-Color™ Double Sided
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Twice the colours in half the volume. Presharpened. 24 Assorted Colours. 12/pkg.

02932-00 …22112
Prices in effect December 1-31, 2020
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