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The BASICS® trade-marks are owned by and used under license from Basics Office Products Ltd.
© 2019 Dicks and Company Limited, NL
The BASICS® trade-marks are owned by and used under license from Basics Office Products Ltd.
© 2019 Dicks and Company Limited, NL
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$3.99 pkg.
Post-it® Filing Tabs
6 tabs per pad, Assorted Colours, 4 pads/pkg., 2” x 1-1/2”

49123-00…686F-1B Flat
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$13.99 ea.
Post-it® Pop-up Notes Dispenser
Keep Post-it® notes within reach. Convenient one-handed dispensing puts your notes at your fingertips. Holds 3“ x 3“ notes.
1) 13951-01…WD-330-BK-C Black.
2) 13951-14…WD-330-COL-MT Mint
3) 13951-15…WD-330-COL-PW Periwinkle.
4) 13951-18…WD-330-WH-C White
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From $12.99 pkg.
Post-it® Super Sticky Recycled Pop-up Notes
Use with Post-it® Pop-up Note dispensers. Contains a minimum of 30% postconsumer recycled content. 3“ x 3“. 90 sheets per pad. 6 pads/pkg.

(1) Assorted Miami Colours
49918-00…R330-6SSMIA-C … $12.99 pkg.
(2) Assorted Bora Bora Colours
49974-00…R330-6SST-C … $13.99 pkg.
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$34.29 pkg.
Post-it® Pop-up Notes

Use with Post-it® Pop-up Note dispensers for continuous dispensing of one note at a time, down to the last sheet. 3” x 3”. 100 sheets per pad, 24 pads/pkg.  Canary Yellow™

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Prices in effect April 1-30, 2019
$13.99 pkg.
Post-it® Greener Pop-up Notes
Plant-based adhesive. Contains 30% post-consumer recycled material. 3“ x 3“. 100 sheets per pad. Assorted Helsinki Colours, 6 pads/pkg.

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Save 43%
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From $9.99 pkg.
Post-it® Super Sticky Recycled Notes
Brightly coloured Super Sticky Notes. Made with plant-based adhesives. Contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled material. 90 sheets per pad. Assorted Bora Bora Colours.

(1) 49704-00…654-5SST-C 3” x 3”, 5 pads/pkg. … $11.99 pkg.
(2) 49951-00…675-3SST-C Lined, 4” x 4”, 3 pads/pkg. … $9.99 pkg.
(3) 49703-00…660-3SST-CA Lined, 4” x 6”, 3 pads/pkg. … $13.99 pkg.
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Save 22%
$6.99 pkg.
Post-it® Durable Tabs
Extra thickness prevents wear and tear. Dispenser dispenses one tab at a time. 1" tabs. 22 tabs per pad. Red, Yellow and Blue. 3 pads/pkg.

49111-00…686- RYB
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Save up to 23%
Save 33%
Save 30%
$3.49 pkg.
Post-it® Printed Flags “Sign Here”
Pre-printed instructions speed up office communication and eliminate writing of routine requests. 1” x 1-11/16”.

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Save  34%
Save  up to 28%
$14.99 pkg.
Post-it® Flags “Sign Here” Value Pack
Comes with 2 bonus arrow flag dispensers, 48 arrow flags. 1” x 1-11/16”. 50 flags per dispenser. Assorted Colours. 4 dispensers/pkg.

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Save 17%
$6.99 pkg.
Scotch® Magic™ Eco-Friendly Invisible Tape
65% plant-based adhesive. Disappears on most papers, so it's easy to scan and read documents. It pulls off the roll smoothly, cuts easily, and resists splitting and tearing. It will not dry out or yellow. Write on it with pen, pencil or marker. Tape is also photo-safe

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Save  22%
Save  23%
$4.99 pkg.
Post-it® Prioritization Flags
Utilize these handy arrow flags to prioritize your tasks and indicate a sense of urgency. 20 flags per dispenser. Red, Green and Yellow. 1” x 1-11/16”, 3 dispensers/pkg.

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$4.79 pkg.
Post-it® Printed “Sign Here” Flags
Slim dispenser makes it easy to keep flags always in reach. 20 flags per dispenser. 1” x 1-11/16”, Orange, Blue, Lime. 3 dispensers/pkg.

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Save  36%
$4.19 pkg.
Post-it® Mini Flag Arrows
1/2” x 1-11/16”.24 flags per dispenser.Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green.4 dispensers/pkg.

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Save  30%
$5.59 pkg.
Post-it® Flags
Four-in-one brightly coloured flags in a convenient dispenser. 1/2” x 1-11/16”. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
35 flags per dispenser. 4 dispensers/pkg.

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Save  14%
From $4.99 pkg.
Post-it® Mini Flag Action Sets
Repositionable flags, preprinted for different applications within the office. English only. 1/2” x 1-11/16”. 4 dispensers/pkg. “Sign Here” Arrow Flags.

1) 20 flags per dispenser. Red.
49004-00…684-RDSH … $4.99 pkg.
2) 30 flags per dispenser. Assorted Colours.
49140-00…684-SH … $6.99 pkg.
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Save  up to 38%
Save  22%
$2.99 ea.
Scotch-Brite™ Dish Pot & Pan Brush
Designed for cleaning ease and efficiency. Features a double-sided cleaning head with a precision row of tough nylon bristles for stubborn build-up. White.

Save  25%
$7.99 pkg.
Scotch-Brite™ Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges
Sometimes the mess is just too tough for a regular scrub sponge. Easily removes tough, baked-on messes. 6/pkg.

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Save  27%
$6.99 pkg.
Scotch-Brite™ No-Scratch Scrub Sponges
Quickly clean surfaces without leaving marks or scratches. Sanitize in the dishwasher and re-use. Blue. 6/pkg.

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Save  30%
$2.39 pkg.
Scotch-Brite™ Handy Sponges
The cleaning caddy staple, great for cleaning every room of the house. Long-lasting and can be sanitized in the dishwaster and re-used. Assorted Colours. 4/pkg.


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Save  20%
$3.99 ea.
Scotch-Brite™ Non-Scratch Scrubbing Dish Cloth
Combining the best features of a dish cloth with cleaning power that both cleans and wipes. Machine washable and dryer safe. Navy Blue.

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Save  33%