The BASICS® trade-marks are owned by and used under license from Basics Office Products Ltd.
© 2018 Dicks and Company Limited, NL
The BASICS® trade-marks are owned by and used under license from Basics Office Products Ltd.
© 2017 Dicks and Company Limited, NL
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25¢ ea.

Dixon® Small White Pearl Block Eraser
Latex-free white pearl vinyl erasers work extremely well on paper and Mylar, as well as other drawing/writing media and they do not leave messy residue.

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$3.99 box

Dixon® Ticonderoga® Pencils
Made of premium wood from PEFC or FSC® certified forests. 12/box.

53079-10…13882 HB
53079-12…13884 2H
53079-13…13881 B
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From $17.59 box
Dixon® Ticonderoga® Tri-Write™ Pencils
Made of premium Cedar from PEFC or FSC® certified forests. Exclusive graphite core for extra smooth performance. Triangular barrel for added comfort. Larger diameter great for early stages of writing development. 36/box.

53553-00…13084 Without eraser … $17.59 box
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53551-00…13042 With eraser … $19.59 box
53552-00…13044 Without eraser … $17.59 box
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Prices in effect July 1-31, 2018
$2.09 pkg.

Prang® Crayons
Unique blend of wax and soy. Assorted Colours. 24/pkg.

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From $3.99 pkg.

1. Prang® Coloured Pencils
Great for the student artist. Real wood casing for easy sharpening every time. Pre-sharpened and ready to use. Assorted Colours.

02005-00…22240 24/pkg. … $3.99 pkg.
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2. Prang® Classroom Pack Coloured Pencils
12 Assorted Colours. 288/cse.

59072-00…82408 … $76.99 cse.
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From 39¢ ea.

Dixon® Pink Pearl® Erasers

Oblong shape with bevelled edges.

L4540-00… 77001 Medium … $0.39 ea.
19031-00…77003 Large … $0.89 ea.
19037-00…10103 Large, 3/pkg … $2.29 pkg.
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Save 29%
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From $2.69 pkg.

Prang® Washable Fine Line Markers
Fine points for detail and accuracy. Ideal for lettering, drawing, outlining and detail work. Fine tip. Classic Colours.

1) 43141-00…80714 12/pkg. … $2.69 pkg.
2) 43021-00…80715 24/pkg. … $4.79 pkg.
3) 43144-00…80796 96/tub … $17.99 tub
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From $5.49 box

Dixon® Primary Printer Pencil

Large diameter. No eraser. 12/box.
53687-00…18997 Size #1, Red barrel … $5.49 box
53688-00…18995 Size #2, Blue barrel … $5.59 box
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$4.19 pkg.

Prang® Glass Crayons
Prang® Glass Crayons
Ideal for drawing on glass and mirrors and can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Assorted Colours. 10/pkg.

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Save 28%
Save up to 44%
$2.99 box

Dixon® Oriole Pencils
Oriole Pencils feature quality, real-wood bonded with a break-resistant core for smooth writing. Lead is No. 2 Soft. Top-quality, latex-free eraser is designed for easy, clean corrections. PMA certified nontoxic pencils are perfect for schools, architects, engineers, contractors or anyone who needs a dependable pencil. HB, Medium Soft, 12/box.

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Save 29%